Las Vegas Paints Over Unfitting Mural

A Piece From ‘Life is Beautiful’ Just Might not be What Las Vegas is Looking For

by Jennifer Black
One of the many murals painted during the Life is Beautiful Festival   It has been noticed that one of the beautiful pieces from the ‘Life is Beautiful‘ Festival has been painted over for being not so ‘beautiful’. If you haven’t heard about the Life is Beautiful Festival, it occured this last October, and was really quite beautiful. Consisting of musical acts, great food, amazing artists doing what they do best, as well as a few of their very own masterpieces. It was an amazing get together that provided Las Vegas with another kind of culture, the beauty of art.

During this festival, a few of the artists really flaunted what they’ve got, and painted a few amazingly detailed murals around the area. It really was a nice impression after the festival had left. Despite the fun and festivities being over, the art remained except for one specific piece. The piece was added by a Ukrainian artist and was stated to look like, “people are buried; their hands are coming up from what would be the ground.” There is always some form of beauty in art, but even in this case the artist himself expressed that he was “surprised that it was up”, and fully admitted there was a negative message behind it. I guess with crimes and fallouts that happen in Las Vegas is enough negativity for them.

The mural obviously didn’t last long, and was quickly painted over. Most likely though, it will be replaced by something more uplifting and fitting for our wonderful city. In fact, a mural committee is The Las Vegas Mural in which was soon painted overbeing formed, and is planning to sponsor a contest. Each winner will receive an unspecified amount of money, as well as the right to paint a mural on the Emergency Arts building wall. There is also the consideration of changing the mural every year or so, just to have variety. I’m sure something positive, reflective, and wonderful is going to replace the painted-over mural. We will all just have to be patient and see what kind of art will come up next!

Las Vegas Becomes Bicycle Friendly

Bicycles Aren’t Just Good for Your Health, but the Environment too

by Jennifer Black

Las Vegas becoming more bike friendly In this day and age, despite mass amounts of construction and power usage, folks are really emphasizing the use of bicycles. In a place like Las Vegas, though the roadways can be a very dangerous place, bicycling can be quite beneficial. Not only are you getting where you need to go in a form that requires a little bit of exercise, you aren’t contributing to the smog and pollution that seems to linger over our beautiful city. Regardless, the League of American Bicyclists has declared Las Vegas as bicycle friendly.

It may seem like a strange statement to some who are familiar with Vegas traffic and roadways. They aren’t necessarily the safest, but at least Vegas has improved access for bikers. So far, 390 miles of green painted lines mark the bike lanes on downtown roadways. By next year, the city  hopes to add just 50 more miles to those lanes. Las Vegas really seems to be stepping up its’ game when it comes to bicyclists.
Green bike lanes in Las Vegas
Other than the extra few miles, our city has received a wonderful $500,000 award from the folks at the Federal Highway Administration to install bike lockers as well as racks downtown. Just make sure you keep your bike locked up good! Perhaps soon air quality will clear up a bit, and folk really get motivated to get into shape and take a ride on their bicycle!

Las Vegas Hosts Anti-Aging Medicine Conference

A Show to Really Keep One Feeling Young and Healthy!

by Jennifer Black

Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies 2013   There are many physicians in many fields attending the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies 2013. Some of these include cardiology, orthopedics, chiropractics, plastic surgeons, family practices, and many more. The so far 3,000 expected attendees have great opportunities to visit the medical marketplace and see whats new and hot product wise. There are also many wonderful networking opportunities as well, providing a great chance to really connect with others in your field and bettering the system all together! This show is most definitely worthwhile going to.

It seems that most everyone at some  point in their lives begin to worry about ‘getting old’. It is somewhat of a sad thing to physically lose the youth you once had, especially with all the complications aging brings along with it. We have countless products on store shelves that guarantee you’ll look 10-20+ years younger and others that promise to cover up the slowly forming lines under your eyes. We also have just as many doctors who range from helping you out physically, when your body starts to get sore and tired, and others who will actually perform surgery to make your face look like another face.

Coming to the Venetian Resort, Hotel, and Las Vegas VenetianCasino the 12th of December until the 15th is the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine – Annual World Congress on Anti-Aging Medicine and Regenerative Biomedical Technologies 2013. For those who are not familiar with the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, it is a US federally registered, non-profit organization that consists of over 26,000 members representing over 110 nations. This academy is dedicated to advancements of technology in order to prevent, as well as diagnose and treat any disease related to aging.

An Easy Way to Get a Condo in Vegas

Las Vegas Malls Have it All… Including Strip Condo Kioks

by Jennifer Black

Las Vegas Fashion Show MallMost malls are a perfect example of a ‘one-stop-shop’, especially ones in Las Vegas such as the Fashion Show Mall. With already so many stores, and a massive food court, you’d probably wonder how such a booming mall could possibly offer any more. Well to your surprise, they can! Not only can you rely on one of the many stores in the three story mall, but you can also rely on the kiosks that line the walkways.

Most of the Fashion Show Mall’s kiosks offer an array of random products. From cell phone cases to body jewelry, hair products to even makeup and skin care, these mini-stores pick up where the regular stores leave off. Especially when it comes to buying condos on the Las Vegas Strip. It may seem like a strange idea at first, but it’s true. 24/7 Real Estate has a kiosk that offers single family houses, as well as high-rise condos both on or near the Las Vegas Strip. Really, talk about one stop shopping!
Las Vegas real estate
This display is the only one of its kind at the Fashion Show Mall, but manages to rake in plenty of business. Especially with the countless flow of tourists from not only all over the country, but all over the world! Typically 24/7 Real Estate talks to about 100 people every day, and sells anywhere from 20 to 30 homes per month. Not to shabby, right? Almost seems easier than going into an actual real estate office! If you aren’t already a Las Vegas local, you might just have the chance to become one. Just take a visit and talk with one of the 24/7 associates during your next vacation to fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, and see what they can do for you!

Las Vegas Walmarts Now Present Urgent Care

Almost too Much of a One-Stop Shop

by Jennifer Black

Las Vegas Walmart  Americans enjoy convenience, especially in this modern day and age when it comes to running errands. The quicker a chore takes, and fewer amount of stops to achieve that goal is what we’re all seemingly about. That is where big superstores like Wal-Mart come into play. I’m sure anyone knows about Wal-Mart and all its wonders and ‘low low prices’. Hell, it has been around for how long?

From food to clothing, baby supplies to arts and crafts, Wal-Mart does its best to make sure they have all your needs in stock… and I mean, all  of them. Maybe even now health care. Wait…. what? In fact, in the recent years, the Las Vegas Vally has been opening up to the idea by actually opening some retail health clinics in chain stores and more so urgent cares strip malls. Interesting idea, isn’t it?

These clinics actually have made receiving medical care The Clinic at Walmartmuch more convenient for folks due to the shortage of doctors in traditional doctor’s offices. These clinics found in chain stores offer vaccinations and treat typical cold symptoms, while the urgent care clinics treat the same but also more serious problems such as fractures and lacerations. Of course it is important to remember that these centers and clinics are not emergency rooms, nor are they properly equipped to treat life-threatening situations.

A Little Safety Goes a Long Way in Las Vegas

    Car Chases, Explosions, and Safety Misconceptions

by Jennifer Black

The fatal shooting/car explosion that occurred in Feburary Local or not, anyone can tell you living in Las Vegas isn’t the safest place. Not the absolute worst, but definitely not the best. Then again, what big city is ever fully ‘safe’? The Metropolitan Police Department does a damn good job at taking their job seriously and working to keep the streets of Las Vegas as safe as they can. Hell, it isn’t the easiest job out there.

Over the years, Las Vegas has had its fair share of crime. From mobsters to gangsters to gangstas, Vegas has most certainly seen it all. Between that and being the adult playground it is, how does Vegas manage to not have a bad reputation? This is actually what Gary Thompson, spokesman for Caesars Entertainment, is worried about. With the car chase, shooting, and massive crash, explosion a few months ago had seemingly come out of a Grand Theft Auto game. The scene left three dead, and possibly a few injured. It seems pretty damn bad, yes, but honestly its just another story in the newspaper.

Think about the stories you heard towards the end of last year. An Excalibur concierge clerk shot his ex girlfriend, and then himself.  The week after, the Bellagio blackjack dealer killed a 10-year old girl, and then cut her fellow co-worker with razor blades. The Saudi man raped a 13 year old boy the same night as a man fired his gun on the Circus Circus casino floor during an argument. The list goes on believe it or not.

What does this Las Vegas Metro Policemean? Not necessarily that people can come to Las Vegas and decide ‘real world’ rules do not apply. Some people blame the city, some people blame gun laws… of course. Everyone has to have a say in that, now don’t they? Regardless, the Las Vegas Strip has a specific duty. If it displays itself as the ‘adult playground’ it is, it should also display safety. I mean really, who wants to party in a deathtrap? It’s up to the city to decide how to go about being as safe as possible. Until then just be aware at the neon world around you.

Lady Luck Plays a Hand in Las Vegas

Determination Finally Pays Off

by Jennifer Black

Las Vegas Slots  Las Vegas is known for many things, some good, some bad, and even some ugly. In, out, and around the Las Vegas strip has countless slot machines for anyone’s gambling pleasure. There are many out there who come to Vegas to take those chances. I’m sure a good amount of people already have heard the recent story of the New York woman going by the name of ‘Rosemary’, and her recent change of luck on the Las Vegas strip. Right? If not, it is actually a pretty interesting story featuring a rare, but not impossible event occurring a few months back.

For an entire two decades, Rosemary, like many people playing the slots on the Vegas strip, has been looking for the jackpot at the Flamingo, but only twice a year. It appears though, as if her hard work and long, 20 years payed off. Rosemary was just finally lucky enough to successfully as well as instantly won $1,140129. Damn Rosemary, patience is seemingly your virtue. Rosemary has become the newest member of Caesars Entertainment’s million dollar winners, as well as a man six weeks prior. This man also had a streak of luck when he won $1,452,800 playing one of the Flamingo’s Wizard of Oz slot machines. Lucky lucky lucky!Las Vegas Slot Winner

I’m sure it is obvious that Rosemary has no regrets, in fact she stated so herself! Rosemary has decided to take part of her money and buy herself a Jaguar. Go Rosemary! Maybe we can be as lucky as these folks, but it is quite a risk to lose your money for a 50-50 shot at gaining money. But hey, I guess that is pretty much what gambling entitles, isn’t it? Just like everything else in Las Vegas, remember, moderation, moderation, moderation! Have fun during your stay, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll get a little lucky yourself.

Las Vegas Bally’s Gets a Long Deserved ‘Touch-Up’

Old and New Come Together on the Las Vegas Strip

by Jennifer Black

Bally's Las Vegas  With all the building, renovations, refurbishments and restorations going all over the Las Vegas Strip, it is to no surprise how many hotels and casinos are taking their chance and hopping on the bandwagon. Hey, Vegas has been around for quite some time now, it just might be good for it to have some modern day touches on some of their famous, old school locations. It most certainly takes up less space than building a whole new hotel or casino… a lot less funding as well. Without a doubt, Vegas most certainly is enjoying being on the renovation bandwagon. Plus it absolutely keeps tourists coming back for more and more!

One of the latest plans of renovation going on the Las Vegas Strip currently, are the plans to renovate 756 rooms in Bally’s South Tower. Afterwards, the name will be changed to the ‘Jubilee Tower’, named after the longest running burlesque act in Vegas. A vast majority of the newly remolded rooms are over 450 square feet. They’re also decorated with modern chic lounge furniture as well as wall coverings and dark wooden furnishings. Included in the renovation as well are 121 remolded one and two bedroom suites that will be from 800 to 1,600 square feet. Of course, it wouldn’t be a suite without it’s very own living and dining rooms, as well as bar, workspace, master bedroom, and wait for it… a whirlpool bath tub.

Bally’s is looking to combine the touches of classic Vegas nostalgia with the excitement and Bally's new room renovationsglamor of new Vegas. Being located center Strip gives Bally’s guests the perfect place to be surrounded by dining, entertainment, and nightlife experiences. The perfect Vegas get away! The Jubilee Tower has warmly welcomed its very first guests in the late summer of this year. Rooms began to go on sale June 25th with the nightly rates starting at $99. Which honestly, that isn’t a bad price for such luxury brought by that new-room feel. It would make anyone feel like a star during their stay in fabulous Las Vegas Nevada!

Making Sure You Stay Responsible During Your Las Vegas Stay

Money Burning a Hole Into Your Pocket? Worry No More!

by Jennifer Black

Las Vegas Gambling FunPeople flock from all over the world to come and have their very own ‘Vegas experience’. In all honesty, why wouldn’t they? They often come to experience all the constant sights, sounds, and action our wonderful city has to offer. Perhaps even, they have a feeling they’ll be the ones who are going home lucky after scoring hundreds and thousands from any of the famous casinos on the Strip. Or will they?

Oh gambling, some people give it a try to see how lucky they are. Others completely push their luck a little too much and end up getting hurt in the end. You know the type I’m talking about. The people who are so hell bent on winning something, they waste most to all of their vacation money and end up going home with the most sour facial expression you’ll ever see. Somehow these folk even lack hindsight and continue to spend, spend, spend.

Lucky for these folk who want to enjoy their vacation, but also want to enjoy some gambling in a The Gamble Boxsafe manner comes The Gamble Box is a pocket sized, light weight box constructed of break-in proof stainless steel. All nicely coated with a black powder coated finish. Not too shabby, right? But wait, there is more!

Each box comes with it’s very own set of two unique keys you leave at home. You see, when a gambler is ahead in a game, they every so simply slide folded cash winnings into the slot on the top of the box. This prevents the gambler from spending any more money, as seeing as they have to return home to fetch the keys in order to open the box. It is just another step in preventing gamblers from spending the last little bit of money they have on just another slot machine.

Real Las Vegas Escort Caught On Video

Las Vegas escort Jessica was caught on video going to an appointment.

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